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FDM (Fused Deposition Method)


Printing Size: 300*300*400mm Dimension Tolerance: +/-0.2mm

Accuracy:50 microns- 500microns  

Infill Range: 10-`100%

Lead Time: 2-3 Days(Depends on the part)

Cost: $

Materials used

PLA (Poly Lectic Acid)

One of the most widely used BIO DEGRADABLE material in FDM industry. Applications: 1.Test and calibration 2. items 3. Dimensionally accurate assemblies 4. Decorative Parts 5. Cosplay Props

ABS (Acronitrile Butadine Stryene)

ABS is tough and wear resistant material which is great for outdoor application. Uses: 1. Project Enclosures 2. Action Figures 3. High Thermal Parts

TPU (Thermoplastic Poly-Urethane)

It is known for their elasticity allowing the material to easily stretch and bend. Uses: 1. Vibration dampening Cases 2. Grip Sleeves 3. Phone cases

PETG (Poly Lectic Acid)

known for their ease of printability, smooth surface finish, and water resistance. Applications: 1.Water Tight Application 2. Snap Fit Application 3.Self watering Planter


Known for its excellent Strength to Weight Ratio and have high strength and stiffness. Uses: 1. R/C Vehicles 2. Functional prototypes 3. Decorative pieces 4. Lightweight Props


Plastic blended wood with avg. ratio of 70%-30%. It increases strength and high strength Uses: 1. Household application 2. Accessories 3. Toys

3D Printing Applications

New Product Developments
Rapid Prototyping
Spares & Replacement
Batch Production
Custom Gifts
Miniature Scale Model

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